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  • It summarizes a large number of very pertinent health studies. I honestly believe that reading it and acting upon the information it contains has the potential to add at least…

Perhaps everything is exactly as it should be, and the fact that it doesn’t seem so is due to our limited perception.

Out of all activities, reading perhaps best epitomizes the phrase “double-edged sword.”

Scientists tell us what matter does. …

In October of 2020, I spent six and a half days in total darkness.

The experience was nothing short of profound. While I tried not to go in with many expectations, there was certainly a large part of me that wanted visions, emotional and physical releases, and insights into the…

Throughout history, there have been a large number of geniuses who displayed profound deficiencies. Beethoven was terrible at just about everything aside from composing and playing music. Newton was incredibly anti-social. In his younger years Richard Branson could barely read. So much of life is about finding your niche.


The clothes you wear. The songs you play. That which resonates with your being. Express it, so the others with whom it resonates can see the connection you share.

Would you rather have ten deep friends or one hundred acquaintances? Would you rather be a master at one instrument, or…

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I use this page to share the highlights of my research, exploration, photography, and miscellaneous writing.

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